In January 2017, Joe Mattern accomplished two personal goals: lake swimming 6 kilometers in 5 days and losing 100 pounds in 6 months.

Joe’s Ultimate Goal is to inspire, encourage and motivate others that there are ‘options to bariatric surgery’, when it comes to eating addictions.

Joe believes that if you have an eating addiction, the key to finding the root cause of the addiction can be discovered with the help of a Certified Life Coach. Additionally, once the need to compulsively eat subsides, that choosing to incorporate Organic Foods in conjunction with an easy exercise that you enjoy, i.e. swimming, is the key to life long health and happiness.

In March 2017, Joe Mattern completed his 25th Lake Swim (25 Kilometers or 15.53 miles) and received the distinguished ‘White Cap’ from Lucky, personally.

On Easter Morning 2017, Joe had the opportunity to meet Three Time Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer ‘Rowdy Gaines’. As Lucky says: “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!”.

Joe recently achieved his ‘Personal Best’ on April 22, 2017: by lake swimming 7 Kilometers in 6 days, thats 4.35 miles!

On December 2, 2017, Joe achieved his goal of lake swimming 50 miles, which is 83.5 Kilometers on his 1 Year Anniversary at Lucky’s Lake Swim, writing: No one is more PROUD than I am, in the accomplishment of my lake swimming 50 miles this year! In my journey, I learned that its not the number of lake swim’s that is most important…it about enjoying each moment in life with some truly incredible people, who I am honored to call my friends.