My 2018 Goal is to swim 200 Kilometers between Florida Hospital Celebration’s pool, the National Training Center and Lucky’s Lake Swim. I completed 83 Kilometers (51 Miles) of open water swimming at Lucky’s Lake Swim in 2017, while weighing between 455-480 pounds. Given that I have a current maximum physical capability of swimming continuously for 6 hours (5am-11am) at Celebration Health, this should be an attainable goal.

In reflection, the only mistake I made in 2017 while swimming, was on the days when the lake was too cold to swim, I should have swam at Celebration Health, rather than sleep in.  I also hope to swim at The National Training Center for the first time in 2018 with swim coaches Sara McLarty and Misty Becerra who co-own Swim Like A Pro.

2017 was the first year that I had ZERO weight gain in several years and it feels amazing to now have my eating addiction under control.