April 2017

• Monday, April 3, 2017:


I swam 125 Laps in the pool at Florida Hospital Celebration this morning!


Current Weight: 463 pounds
Start Time: 5:30 AM
End Time: 9:00 AM
3 Hours 30 Minutes Of Continual Swimming
Chlorinated Pool: 88 Foot Lap Lane
Water Temperature: 88 Degrees
Today I swam: 11,000 Feet
Which Is: 3.35 Kilometers
Which Is: 2.083 Miles


• Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Today, I established with a new Primary Care Physician. You know you’ve ‘made it in the world’ and you are working hard to regain your health, when you are able to find an affordable Concierge Family Physician who treats you like ROYALTY.

Dr. Jim Scelfo

#PersonalizedPrimaryCare #TreatedLikeRoyalty #SwimJoeSwim

• Friday, April 7, 2017

This morning I had the opportunity to tour Dr. Scelfo’s Celebration Office and have my bloods drawn in preparation for a comprehensive 90 minute exam. While in Celebration, I popped over to Florida Hospital Celebration Fitness Center & Day Spa and put in 50 laps. I notice that after I swim, not only do I feel as light as a feather and have energy, but its amazing how CLEAR my mind feels, as I prepare for the workday.

Florida Hospital Celebration Fitness Center & Day Spa

#ItsAllComingTogether #LovingThisEnergy #SwimJoeSwim

• Sunday, April 9, 2017

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the American Cancer Society’s ‘Relay For Life’ event which took place on the grounds of Walt Disney World. Not only did it feel amazing to sponsor my friend Lisa, it felt equally amazing to win several Silent Auction Items. It’s been a dream of mine to stay at the Waldorf Astoria in Lake Buena Vista and it will soon become a reality. I was blessed to win a one night, 2 day stay at the Waldorf Astoria, which includes breakfast for two. Not only was I able to walk the relay track 3 laps on Saturday evening in honor of those who I have lost to Cancer, I was able to stand and walk for 3 hours, which is a new personal best! #LovingThisEnergy #ItFeelsAmazingToGiveBack

• Tuesday, April 11, 2017:

Medical Breakthrough Day! I saw my dental hygienist and had my teeth cleaned today. Due to my not having my cleanings on a regular basis (during the course of my 100 pound weight gain in 2015/2106) a significant amount of bacteria entered my bloodstream and ‘to my surprise’ took away a great deal of the energy that I once had. The Solution: #WaterPikAquarius. #ILoveMyDentalHygienist

• Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This Morning, I attended Bible Study at a beautiful home on Lake Cane and had enough energy to do my first Big Shopping at the Costco Business Center. I shopped for two hours and even had enough energy to unload everything here at home. #FeelingSoBlessed #ILoveCostcoBusinessCenters

• Thursday, April 13, 2017

The moment is almost here, as tomorrow is the Big Day! I have waited since January for ‘Good Friday’ and the public release of my new video documentary: MADE NEW. I pray that my documentary touches ‘Many Lives’ as well as inspires and motivates people who suffer from addiction and obesity. #PrayingToInspireOthers #PrayingForSuccess #SwimJoeSwim.com

• Friday, April 14, 2017

The BIG Day has finally arrived! In honor of the release of my new documentary MADE NEW, this morning I lake swam 2 Kilometers at Lucky’s Lake, achieving my 31st kilometer since December 5, 2016 which was my very first lake swim. The initial demographics look amazing on SwimJoeSwim.com as people are starting not only to visit my website, but to share my video with family and friends who are challenged by addiction and or weight challenges. My continual goal is to inspire and motivate others, thru my swimming and weight loss efforts. On Sunday, we will celebrate Easter as a swim family by sharing EAT PRAY SWIM 2017. #31KM #MADE_NEW #GoodFriday

• Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Favorite Easter, EVER! As Dr. John Lucky Meisenheimer himself would say, ‘it doesn’t get any better than this! An inspirational sunrise service, a great breakfast and an incredible lake swim turn out. It was so much fun to experience this massive turnout. I love being back out in the world again! One of my favorite moments of the day was having a complete stranger approach me and share that they viewed my website at that I inspired them to restart lake swimming, which they last did as a child. Next week, I will introduce them to Lake Cane.

#LuckysLakeSwim #EatPraySwim #MadeNewRelease

• Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What a beautiful morning for a Lake Swim. I completed 2 Kilometers: #32 & #33. I log each in Lucky’s App. I swam with Tracy this morning. Tracy is a Lake Swim Coach who often visits Lucky’s Lake Swim from Ohio, who reminded me that ‘Movement Is Medicine’. I updated SwimJoeSwim with my new tagline: ‘Desperation, Inspiration, Motivation, Success!’. While swimming today, I decided to invest in a waterproof GOPRO Hero Black with a waterproof housing to better capture and share whats its like to lake swim.

#MovementIsMedicine #DesperationInspirationMotivationSuccess

• Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What a beautiful morning for a Bible Study on Lake Cane. I find myself in awe of the progress I am making and all of the new changes that involve the reclaiming of my life. My long-term goal is to bring more people to the lake swim, in my attempt to help them improve their overall health.

#LuckysLakeSwim #SwimLakeCane #ThanksBonnie #SwimJoeSwim

• Thursday, April 20, 2017

This morning I swam 2 kilometers and swam the second: #35 in honor of my friend Beth.

#35InHonorOfBeth #SwimJoeSwim

• Friday, April 21, 2017

This morning I had the pleasure of swimming with Beth and Naomi for the very first time. #36 in the books. Making great progress towards my yellow cap, which I will receive after completing 125 crossings.

• Saturday, April 22, 2017

My New Personal Best: 7 Kilometers Of Lake Swimming In 1 Week. That’s 4.35 Miles!

Victory: I am now down under 450 pounds.

#LuckysLakeSwim #SwimJoeSwim #PersonalBest #Under450Pounds #ThanksLucky #CelebratingWithAlaskanKingCrabLegs

Monday, April 24, 2017

1 Kilometer of lake swimming this morning, for crossing #39. The water was 77.8 degrees. #1&Done

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